INL to move in several stages

After being housed in a temporary location in Kirchberg for almost three years during the renovation of its Glacis building, the National Institute of Languages is returning to its refurbished main premises. The relocation process will start on 19 February 2018 and is scheduled to be completed during the Easter holiday.

INL will move in three stages:

  • As of 19 February 2018, all the Luxembourgish courses previously taught at INL-Kirchberg will be held at INL-Glacis.
  • During the week of 4 April 2018, the offices (administration and technical services) will move to INL-Glacis.
  • As of 17 April 2018, the doors at INL-Kirchberg will remain closed and the students will be welcomed at INL-Glacis instead.

In addition, as of 17 April 2018, all the national and international language tests and exams will take place at INL-Glacis, except for the Listening Component of the “Sproochentest”, which will be held at the European School Mamer for the time being.

For further information, go to:

Glacis address:

INL-Glacis, 21 Blvd de la Foire, L-1528 Luxembourg 

About INL:

For the 2018 Spring Semester, more than 6,500 people have enrolled on one of the 400 language courses to be held at the institute’s five sites: INL – Kirchberg, INL – Mersch, INL – Belval, Lycée Aline Mayrisch, and finally, INL – Glacis.

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